Brent’s Turf: A look inside the famed Shen stadium, and the coach it honors

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Shenendehowa High School gained a valuable addition in 2009 with the opening of the new Brent T. Steuerwald Stadium.
The new edition brought a turf field, track, concessions stand, and outdoor restrooms. This brand new stadium was named after legendary Shenendehowa head football coach, Brent Steuerwald, who had a 54 year long career spread out at various schools.

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Mr. Steuerwald first started coaching at Shenendehowa in 1968 and stayed there until his retirement during the fall 2011 season.

He experienced many wins during his career, but he was always more focused on the game itself.
Even when offered coaching jobs at the college level, he turned them down to stick with his team.

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Even after retirement, his love for football did not end. Steuerwald continued to come back to the Shenendehowa campus to be a part of the Section II summer camp. Parents, athletes, and staff were glad to have him back for his final camp in June of 2015.

Steuerwald is a well loved member of the Shenendehowa community. His success as a great coach led to the opening of the well known stadium that has his name.

Now, students, athlete, staff, and community members can all enjoy the track and field that Shen has to offer. It is perfect for practices, games, or even just gym classes. This arena allows for multiple teams to use it. Football, lacrosse, track and field, and field hockey are perfect examples of this.

The opening of the Brent T. Steuerwald Stadium was a wonderful contribution for the high schoolers back in 2009. They were able to practice on a smoother field and have all around better facilities. The use of turf rather than traditional grass also added to the nicer and newer effect. Even just looking at the new facility was a whole different occurrence. A new stadium meant a more enhanced experience for coaches and students alike.